What are the best tools to help you on your game design? Let's find out!

I know, boardgame is part of «analog» and yes, you can design 100% of your game entirely «offline». But, can you take advantage of some digital tools to get a better result? Oh yeah!.

I’m using this entry as an introduction of the Software section of the site. I want to share all my experiences on different tools. And some of those tools require an extra knowledge to go through them.

But first, we need to split «Software» as a general term into specific ones. 

Software for the graphic part

There are a bunch of software that we can work with considered as Graphic edition tools. We can name immediately the Adobe Suite (Photoshop and Illustrator as the main ones). We can also use free tools like Gimp. There are also other tools like Corel Draw and we can also consider other software like Canva for example. No matter which software you use. the important things to consider are:

  • Talk with your manufacturer, ask them the tecnicall aspects you need to make in your files (file type, resolution, DPI, etc.)
  • I suggest that you use Templates from your manufacturer (actually you can grab them from any supplier). I can point you to  Hero Time’s ones https://www.herotime1.com/templates-generator/
  • Even that you can Choose any software, Most of the manufacturer use Adobe suites as their Graphic design platform. 

 Software for Playtest your game

In the last few years, there were a  lot of development on software to «simulate» the analog world to try out games online. This platforms are known as Sandbox. This spaces gives you the physics and the communication to play with games online. This platforms weren’t intent specifically to design, but we the designer find them as an excellent tools to develop our games.  

Software to Crowdfund your game

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